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About Our Church

Estamos ayudando a las personas a reconectarse con el Creador!

Nuestra iglesia es un lugar perfecto para que todos los residentes locales vengan con sus familias y se unan para una oración y una nueva paz mental y espiritual. ¡La religión hará que tu vida sea más significativa!

While Gospels are all meant to portray the message of God’s Love, Grace and Forgiveness, we always try to sing about all other related issues, making spirituality an easier thing to apprehend!
Living Faith
This phrase means so much more than the simple words can convey. While visiting the church on Sunday is one thing, living your whole life in accordance with the principles of decency is another!
Each minister at our church also sees himself as a kind of a missionary - preaching the word of God to all different kinds of people who all come from different backgrounds.
We value developing relationships in the church and out of the church. Being relational means taking the time to invest, care, and share in the life of others so that Christ is seen, felt, and heard.
Andrew Edwards

Andrew leads the team on legal strategy and risks. He is a US-qualified lawyer who previously specialized in privacy.

Diane Mist

Before joining our expert team, Diane was the Behavioral Finance Specialist at Barclays Americas and London teams in 2007.

Craig Ferguson

Craig joined our team in 2016 as the Grants and Finance Officer to take on financial coordination and financial management of the organization.

Bryan Adams

Bryan is an Investments Technologist with a specific focus on the area of surveillance technologies and the transparent investment strategies.

Lionel Hollande

Lionel has joined us after years of consulting for Wall Street’s biggest financial institutions. He studied economics at Harvard University.

James Potter

Mr. Potter joined us in 2010 as an Investment Analyst and was promoted to Senior Investment Officer. He has long experience as an analyst.

Becoming a Member of Our Church

Becoming the Modern Church member, our attendees are able to encourage each other in our Christian walks and hold each other accountable.

Nuestra Misión

 ¡Convertimos a cada cristiana en una persona adictiva, nuestra preciada meta!

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  ¡Nuestros ministros tienen mucho que decir a los visitantes de nuestra iglesia, todos los domingos y más!

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Únete a un grupo

 Conviértase en parte de cualquier comunidad dentro de nuestra iglesia y conozca a otros miembros.

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